Giving Your Child the Confidence to Enjoy the Water With Self Reliance and Safety!

Our goal is to empower families to learn life saving aquatic skills and build a positive relationship with water. Teach your children the skills they need for the rest of their lives, today.

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Certified Swim Instructors

Water Safety Instructors

First Aid/CPR Certified

AED Certified


Our mobile only program runs from Boca Raton to Delray Beach between Lyons rd.- A1A.

East Deerfield Beach, Lighthouse Point, East Pompano Beach

*Service not offered west of Lyons Rd.


Our Step-By-Step Curriculum Takes Your Child’s Skill and Safety to the Next Level

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For their safety, and your peace of mind. your child needs the ability to be comfortable in water activities and scenarios. Especially when needing to return to the perimeter of a pool from short distances.

Starting with positive and comfortable at home experiences. Our program creates water safe and independent swimmers. All through our easy but effective courses, found below.

Water trained children understand how to navigate short distances to safety. Repetition, consistency and gradual skill building leads to confidence and understanding of environments. Independent swimmers are self-reliant on breathing, movement and awareness.

Let us help you create peace of mind for your family!

Toddler Water Safety

Preparing your child to recover when they find themselves in unexpected situations. We teach your child how to remain calm, assess their surroundings and recover with control. 18 months and older. Requires 3 lessons a week.

Building confidence in small and easy steps!

Independent Swimmer

Structured to grow strength and confidence in basic swim mechanics. Focused on stamina building, continuing a positive relationship with the water and individualized skill work.

To qualify for this program, children must be able to swim 3 to 4 foot distances.



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When Caroline Wagner sent her first daughter off to a Swim Lessons with SunFun Activities, she wasn't sure what to expect.
"Ella LOVED it," Caroline recalls. "The friends, the fun - she grew so much in a week." The Wagners have since sent their two other children to SunFun Activities, with similar results. "SunFun rocks!"

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“Miss Kelsey is the most wonderful person and swim instructor. My daughter started lessons with her at age 2 when she was terrified of the water. Within a few lessons she was loving it and at 3 was fully swimming. She is now 5. Miss Kelsey has become part of our family. My kids beg for her to come play in the pool with them. She is so patient and just is so good with kids. My son is the opposite and has no fear. He started as a floppy mess and is now also swimming and much more calm. He is 3.5. Even though both kids can swim we make sure to brush up and hone their skills every year with lessons. I recommend Miss Kelsey to everyone. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my babies!”

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“Kelsey is a superstar.

She has a gift for working with children—her patience and teaching skills are most impressive.

My four year old daughter, who has refused to put her head under water in the last few years, dunked her face at least a dozen times during her first swimming lesson with Kelsey.

Kelsey put my daughter at such ease and made the lesson so much fun, my daughter didn’t even realize she was learning the fundamentals of learning to swim.”

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“Two of the sweetest girls you would ever want to entrust your children to.

Birthday Party…they take care of it all!

Swim Lessons… they make it a blast!

After all you’re only young once…

So let Emily and Kelsey teach your kids to enjoy the water!”

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“Both of my boys love Emily! She accomplishes the challenging task of teaching life-saving skills while making it Fun! I’ve tried many swimming teachers and she is by far the best :)”

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“Emily is the BEST swim instructor and my daughter has the biggest smile ever when she sees her! She makes swimming a fun and positive experience for her.”

Spots Are Limited and They Go Fast!

Find out if your child qualifies for the Toddler Water Safety program: