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​​Every child is different and begins at different swim levels. We offer custom packages to fit each child’s needs.

Each child has a unique skill and comfort level in the water, those attributes will determine how long it takes your child to swim.

Consistency with our program and encouragement from parents for extra swim, all aid in the success rate of children.

Our program is designed to help children swim on their own without water wings/floaties.

​If both children are at similar skill levels than can engage in group swim lessons.

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​Yes, swim lessons are available a la carte.

Cash, checks ( made payable to Sun Fun Activities) and credit card payments are accepted in person.


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75° F

85° F

​Lightening and thunder can hault swim lessons, but light rain and sun showers are swimmable.

Yes, if there is no lightening present.


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Our cancellation policy is 24hrs in advance with exceptions for weather and illness.

Please let us know as soon as possible about your child’s illness so that instructors can make prompt arrangements for other clients

Lines of traffic can build up at the entrance to your gated community, unfortunately this delay will effect the length of the lesson.

​Instructors are held to the same cancellation policy as clients. Weather changes, illnesses occur, we do our best to keep it from effecting fun in the sun progress!