Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance to be eligible for reschedule


Our mobile only program runs from Boca Raton to Delray Beach between Lyons rd.- A1A.

East Deerfield Beach, Lighthouse Point, East Pompano Beach

*Service not offered west of Lyons Rd.


What are your safety measures?

  • We are no longer servicing community pools.
  • All instructors wear facial coverings conducting lessons.


How old does my child need to be?

12 months is the minimum age to enroll in swim instruction.

How long will it take my child to swim?

Every child is different and begins at their own skill level. We offer three different programs to best teach water safety, confidence and respect efficiently. Progression varies for each child.

Can my child use a swim aid (water wings / floaties)?

No, we recommend ending the use of swim aids when beginning swim lessons. Our program is designed to help children swim on their own without water wings / floaties.

What do I need to bring for our lessons?

Be ready with a bathing suit, swim diaper (if needed), towel & smile!

Can I be present for the lesson?

It is best not to be present for Toddler Water Safety lessons. Instructors need an opportunity to bond and build trust in order to support your child through the process.

Why is my child crying?

Instructors have experience determining if crying is fear or behavioral based. Crying is a part of the process, water safety is tough work for a toddler. A positive environment and experience is always the priority.


What happens when weather cancellations occur?

Lessons that are cancelled due to weather are rescheduled based on instructor availability or added to the end of monthly package.

How warm does the outdoor air need to be to swim?

Air temperature of 75 degrees required.

How warm does the water need to be to swim?

Water temperature of 85 degrees required.

What types of weather conditions effect swim lessons?

Lightening and thunder will halt lessons, but light rain and sun showers are swimmable.

Weather will be deemed unsafe by your instructor 45-30 minutes before a lesson.

Can we swim in the rain?

Yes, if there is no lightening present.

Spots Are Limited and They Go Fast!

Find out if your child qualifies for the Toddler Water Safety program:


How does payment work?

Lessons are paid for in full before start date of first lesson. The card used initially will be billed at the beginning of each new month of scheduled lessons. Lessons cancelled without 24hr notice are non-refundable.

Can I purchase lessons individually rather than in monthly packages?

Lessons are only available as a monthly package paid for before the start date of the first lesson.

After I complete the monthly package, can I just pick up lessons as I need?

Lessons are purchased in a monthly package. After you finish a program your child can advance into a new monthly curriculum.

Can my friend and I split a monthly package?

Our programs are all designed for one swimmer to complete fully.

Do you offer discounts if I host or coordinate multiple families?

Success comes from one on one private lesson. We do not offer group enrollment.

Can multiple children swim in one lesson?

Our programs success comes from one on one private lessons. Group lessons are not offered.


How long do I have to use my same day cancellation due to illness credit?

A credit is valid for 30 days from illness to be used. Only one same day cancellation credit is given for a monthly package. 

Is there one same day cancellation due to illness credit per family or child?

Each swimmer is given one credit a month.

Can I make up a lesson I cancelled without 24hrs notice?

Only one credit per month is given for illness cancellations. Additional cancellations are not offered make up opportunities.

What happens if the forecast calls for rain?

Weather is unpredictable in South Florida regardless of forecasting. Instructors will cancel 30-45 minutes prior to lesson, cost of lesson will be credited to account. 

If you would like to cancel due to weather, 24 hour notice is needed. Full cost of lesson is applied for lessons cancelled by parent without 24hrs notice for weather. No make up lessons are given for weather cancellations.


Due to the high number of variable cancellation causes which include weather, illness and pool environment, makeup lessons are not offered for cancellations made without 24hrs notice.

Each child will receive one credited lesson for a same day cancellation due to illness each month. This credit is not carried into next month.

You will be charged full lesson price for cancellations made without 24hrs notice on additional cancellations within the month without reschedule.


It is family responsibility to confirm the home pool used for lesson is safe for swimming at time of scheduled lesson. ie; pool temperature is 85 degrees, pool cleanliness, and/or pool maintenance. Full cost of lesson applies for pool environment cancellations with less than 24hr notice.


Weather in South Florida is unpredictable and changes rapidly. SunFun Activities adheres to American Red Cross swimming standards for weather, 75 degree air temperatures and 85 degree pool temperatures and no thunder or lightning for 30 minutes within a 9 mile radius. Light rain with minimum air and pool temperatures is swimmable weather.

Instructors will cancel 30-45 minutes prior to lesson, cost of lesson will be credited to account.

Full cost of lesson is applied for lessons cancelled by parent without 24hrs notice for weather. No make up lessons are given for weather cancellations.