Party hours can be scheduled from 8 AM to 8 PM and need to be booked two weeks out.
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Supervision Includes:

American Red Cross Lifeguard is responsible for Supervision from pool deck that does not stop for any reason other than incident response. Act as onsite first responder before EMS arrives, if necessary. Supervision is the primary form of drowning prevention and the primary role of the lifeguard.


Water Watchers stay in pool entertaining and supporting children. Water Watchers are American Red Cross first aid certified and have been trained to identify, prevent and aid aquatic incidents. Water Watchers run water play to keep children entertained and act as an interactive form of supervision.

Fun in the Sun

Water play is based on age and number of children. For a hour and a half Water Watchers will run organized games based in and out of water such as pool obstacle events (Cannonball Contest), traditional team games (Marco Polo, Sharks and Minnows), water balloon toss, water shooter games and more. All materials are supplied by SunFun Activities and are based on your party needs.


Pool Parties include American Red Cross supervision and water play for a hour and a half. Activities and Supervision based on number and age of children. All Materials provided.

In peak heat children should not be exposed to more than 90 minutes of aquatic activity. Our party keeps children expending energy constantly and safety requires they rest at an hour and a half of water play.

  • Up to 15 children
  • 1 Lifeguard
  • 1 Water Watchers
  • $300 per 1:30 hour sessions


Price subject to change based on additional children.

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