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SunFun Activities will follow up this with a phone call within 48hrs, with the final steps to get started.

Consistency is Key

Please consider how much time you are able to dedicate to a swim curriculum. Our program is designed to build trust, confidence and respect for safety in and around the water.  The more time you can commit to both formal swimming instruction and at home reinforcement, the faster swimming skills are acquired. We recommend starting with 3-5 lessons the first week and then proceeding based on instructor evaluation.


Lessons are offered Monday through Friday.

Weekends and depend on instructor availability.

Pool temperatures need to be above 80°F to begin lessons.

The afternoon hours of 3pm – 6pm are the most popular. Your availability for lessons outside of those hours opens up more opportunities to accommodate lessons.

Costs range from $35-$70 based on lesson length.

Please visit our Swim Program Outline to learn about what skills your child is taught at their age as well as our FAQ page to help better understand our program.

M-F 8 am – 5:30pm

Sat. 8-1 upon instructor availability.

Our program is designed to first build trust, a level of comfort and expectations of our lessons with your child. We accomplish this by swimming three to five days the first week of lessons, five being ideal. Lesson volume decreases as child becomes more comfortable. Please note a start date that would be possible to do so.

The afternoon hours of 3pm-6pm are the most popular. Availability outside of those hours is encouraged for.

Pricing starts at $40 for a 30 minute session and
$70 for a 60 minute session.

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