Take Your Child On An Aquatic Journey Filled with Learning, Challenges and Excitement!

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Our goal is to equip children with life saving aquatic skills and a positive relationship with the water. SunFun Activities is committed to building safe and strong swimmers from the age of six months through adolescent swim team. Our program mirrors the American Red Cross Learn To Swim Program which develops swimmers based on age and skill progression. Each swimmer develops at their own pace. We customize lessons to ensure swimmers a positive and productive learning experience.

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Ages 18 months and up

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When your toddler falls into water, they are typically their body length away from safety. Our program prepares your child to recover when they find themselves in panic.

Your child learns how to remain calm, assess their surroundings and recover with control. Which they master with a consistent lesson schedule of three lessons a week. SunFun Activities believes the confidence built in small steps is the magic of creating a calm and prepared water safe child.

Returning safely from a 3-4 foot fall into the pool qualifies your child for our Independent Swimmer course.

Spots Are Limited and They Go Fast!

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Requires skills outlined in Toddler Water Safety to enroll

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Independent Swimmer lessons grow strength and confidence with basic swimming lessons. We focus on developing stroke mechanics, stamina building and self-reliant breathing. Including, advanced safety skills.

To qualify for this program, swimmers must be able to swim 3 to 4 foot distances.

Have additional questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more program information.

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Toddler Water

Ages: 18 months and up

Preparing your child to recover when they find themselves in a panic

Standard: $720/mo

Before 2pm Discounted Rate: $600/mo

Sequential Sibling: $120 off/mo

*Three weekly lessons required


Pre-Required Skills

Structured to grow strength and confidence in basic swim skills

Standard: $260/mo

Before 2pm Discounted Rate: $220/mo

Sequential Sibling: $40 off/mo

Lessons are held 8am – 2pm Monday through Friday.

Afternoons based on location/availability.

Sequential Sibling: When scheduling back to back lessons.
Ex: 10:00 — 10:30 and 10:30 — 11:00